October 7

Lunar System


This is my drawing of what I think the lunar system works and how the lunar system moves.

The Moon circles the earth while the earth circles the sun.

We will soon find out where the planets are.

How do you think the Lunar System works?

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August 6

Monty leadership day.

Today we went to the Montmorency leadership day. The highlight of the day we’re doing the game cops and robbers and the M&M contest. For the game cops and robbers you had people chase people. On one side you could tag the people that ran on the other side to tag the robber.

What we learnt was to work as a team to do different challenges. One challenge was to go on one mat and drag the other mat in front of you. You climb onto the other mat and drag the other mat in front and so on.

I was in Burgundy or BBQ.

What group were you in?

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July 22

What animals I would save.




The five animals that I would save is,

Cows because you can have fresh milk and you can make lots of cheese. You can have stake from the cows. You can make leather and make horses sattles

Chicken because you can have fresh eggs.  You can add  milk and make cheese. You can make arrows. You can hear the chickens if you are lost.

Sheep because you can make beds and sheer the sheep and get more wool. You can keep wool and save some wool for in the winter.

Pigs because you can have bacon and keep the sheep for winter to have bacon. You can farm the pigs and have more pigs.

Horeses because you can ride them to different places so you can find a new place to stay while the flood is happening. You can farm horses and have small horses.

What animals would you save?

July 17

What went well

When I wasn’t at athletics day miss Arney came into our class and asked me if I wanted to try out for athletics triple jump and relay.

So I can try out for athletics.

What sport are you doing for athletics?

July 16

How to tie your shoelaces

How To Tie Your Shoelace

How to tie your shoelace for your buddy procedure.

On Tuesday we had to look at pictures of how to do a reef knot. Only by looking at pictures of a reef knot. There was only 4 pictures of how to do a reef knot. On Wednesday we just had words to describe how to do your shoelaces. We had to take a picture of each step. We are going to make a movie of how to tie your shoelaces to show our buddies.

How Many ways can you tie your shoelaces?

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