August 21


This is place where Ian going to write a weekly update of what we are doing in our group.

Week 1 reflection the task was to have an impact on the environment. The people in my group are Will, Caity and Lauren. The three solutions that our group had were have a day when people write on a leaf and the second solution was to have compost bins in each class and the last solution was to have a tree in each class. My finale choice was to put compost bins in each class. The achievement that we are going to achieve next is to find a compost bin and put it next to the rubbish and recycle bins. I hope you will enjoy the next time I write an other reflection.


Week 2 reflection the task we had to see if we can get our group  published. All we had to do was email a couple of people. But the rest of the solution was good. At the end our solution was great. We are trying to get some compost bins and ice cream containers we need about 40. Out group is split into two two proper are making the poster and the other two are writing the speech. Two people are going to the grade 1 and threes and the grade fives. The other two are going to the preps and the grade twos and the grade fours and lucky last the grade Sixers.

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