October 29

Mrs. Montgomery

Mrs. Montgomery spoke about being a leader to all the grade 5s.

Mrs. Montgomery talked how about they are all important things to have to be a leader. I

The first thing was honesty. If you break something you need to confess that you broke the object. Don’t lie about if you brake something expensive. It’s better to tell the truth about if it breaks.The second thing was listening. Listen if people are talking. Listen even if the subject is really boring. Listen if the teacher is talking. Try not to talk to friends when other people are talking. What if people talk when you are speaking how would you feel.The third thing was trust your friends. If your in a bad situation you can talk to a friend  and you can trust your friend. You can always trust a friend. Friends can talk to you if you need to.The fourth thing was sense of humour. You always need to have a laugh. But you can’t   laugh at people when they make a joke. If people do something funny don’t always laugh at them.The fifth thing was team work. Work as a team in groups. Let everyone co-operate in your group. Use team work when you are I a group. The sixth thing was focus. You need to focus when you are doing your work. And in groups. The last thing was stay strong. This means stay strong mentally not fiscally.



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