October 29

Mrs. Montgomery

Mrs. Montgomery spoke about being a leader to all the grade 5s.

Mrs. Montgomery talked how about they are all important things to have to be a leader. I

The first thing was honesty. If you break something you need to confess that you broke the object. Don’t lie about if you brake something expensive. It’s better to tell the truth about if it breaks.The second thing was listening. Listen if people are talking. Listen even if the subject is really boring. Listen if the teacher is talking. Try not to talk to friends when other people are talking. What if people talk when you are speaking how would you feel.The third thing was trust your friends. If your in a bad situation you can talk to a friend  and you can trust your friend. You can always trust a friend. Friends can talk to you if you need to.The fourth thing was sense of humour. You always need to have a laugh. But you can’t   laugh at people when they make a joke. If people do something funny don’t always laugh at them.The fifth thing was team work. Work as a team in groups. Let everyone co-operate in your group. Use team work when you are I a group. The sixth thing was focus. You need to focus when you are doing your work. And in groups. The last thing was stay strong. This means stay strong mentally not fiscally.



October 29

Shawn leader ship speech

Example one was. Shawn spoke about how a badge doesn’t really mean much.Don’t be shy and challenge your self. You can just put your self out there. Just be yourself. Do thing that you wouldn’t normally do.

Example two was police officers can be role models. When you are in year six if you shove a prep kid over the prep kid will remember. You could forget but the prep kid won’t forget that you shoved  him over. Be a role model to every one and be your self.

Example three was talk on the field. Don’t just stand there and don’t use your voice and if there is a free player tell someone to get on them. Shawn took a Leadership corse that he had to finish. Shawn yelled at his colleges to do the right thing.


October 16

imageThis was after we went back in the afternoon and we saw the shadow move to the left of me because the sun moved angles.

imageThis photo was in the morning so the shadow is in front of me.

imageThis picture is of the tracing of me in the morning.



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October 16

What went well

This Friday the comets played Hurstbridge in cricket. We played at Hurstbridge which is pretty far away. At the end of the game Hurstbridgee won and I got a wicket. But I didn’t bat but I might bat next week.

From Liam P

October 7

Lunar System


This is my drawing of what I think the lunar system works and how the lunar system moves.

The Moon circles the earth while the earth circles the sun.

We will soon find out where the planets are.

How do you think the Lunar System works?

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October 6


A haiku poem is where on the first line there has to be 5 syllables and on the second line has 7 syllables and on th last line it has 5 syllables. The work haiku come from the county Japan. It doesn’t have to rhyme.





August 23

Cause and effect

Cause and effect.image

The cause is when working out which event happens and something follows behind it.

The effect is the result and the consequences on the result.

The cause would be I was late for work. The effect would be my tyre was flat.

The task was watch a video and make a table on pages two column and ten rows. You had to write ten causes and ten effects. An example from the movie was Mike drove off and the car crashed.